To the South Pole

In the winter of 21/22, Erik walked 1,360 km in 60 days alone to the South Pole.
He lost 28 kilos on the trip.

My Journey

Erik starts at Berkner Island next to the Emperor Penguins and weighs significantly more than normal.

The route is 1,360 km & approx. 2,800 altitude meters and Erik expects to reach the South Pole after 55-60 days.

The starting weight of the sled is 120 kg.

Uses 1.2 kg of food and fuel per day.

Only allowed to leave “body fluids”.

Reaches the Pole plateau after about 3 weeks.

The temperature of the pole plateau is usually below -30°C.

After three weeks, he has begun to deplete his fat reserves. He eats 6,000 kcal per day, consumes 8-10,000 kcal, and expects to lose 15-17 kg of body weight during the expedition.

The snow in Antarctica is extremely dry and has lost its structure due to a lot of wind. This means that the snow contains little air, which gives extremely poor glide, and Amundsen called the snow here “fish glue”.

South Pole:
Altitude 2,835 meters above sea level (masl.) which corresponds to 3,500-4,000 masl. at the equator.
The temperature is between -35 and -45°C which can feel like -70°C with the windchill.

My Inspiration

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My Preparations

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